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Here is are some interesting facts!

I watched the first creature I am calling the Chupacabra on our ranch for two years, before it met its end. My goal from the first sighting was to determine what this weird beast was. After the animal was killed on the road in front our our ranch and I had it in my possession, the questions I had became enormous and now I have a few answers.
Why did it have blue eyes?
Blue eyes are  indigenous to only a few species of wolf but not the Mexican wolf according to scientists.
Why were the front legs shorter than the back legs?
The front legs were about two inches shorter than the back legs.
Why did it have pouches near the tail on both sides?
A most unusual sight were these two pouches on both sides of the tail that were not infected glands.
Why does it only have four teets rather than eight?
Most canis latrans have four teats on each side-all four that I saw or had in my possession had only two teats on each side.
Why was it hairless?
There was no hair on this animal except for some down its back. It did have fuzz. There was no mange or skin disease on these animals. 
Why are the paws  different from a  coyote and an Mexican wolf?
A coyote and a wolf have four front paws, and the chupacabra has only three.
Why have so many of these creatures hit by vehicles?
The thought is because they have cataracts.

I am currently writing a book on Cuero Chupacabra. I will update this web site as I near a publish date.

For any students writing about the Chupacabra, please email me any questions that you may have regarding the DNA, pictures, updates or any questions regarding this unknown animal. I would love to help you with your story!

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